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My name is Sebastian Gebeyehou.

Great that you visit my Homepage . If you want to know how I became a 'hobbyphotographer', you can find here information about me. If you like this page or/and have suggestions, please use the guestbook or contact me directly to tell me your thoughts.


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Lea wants to be a photographer,too..
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CGWE Logo newCGWE stands for C.G. Women’s Empowerment, in honor of the Founder's  Grandmother of my cousin (Dureti Tadesse (Mimi)) , Cawwaaqe Guuttatta, and the thousands of women like her in Oromia, Ethiopia, who are systematically denied rights and resources, making it impossible to achieve economic security. Through the "Dabaree” process, CGWE seeks to come alongside these women to help provide long-term solutions to their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Further information about this aid organization can be found on the homepage of CGWE.

 Source: www.cgweafrica.com